“A particular mode in which something exists or is experienced or expressed.”

There are many alternative ways in which we can exercise, finding your enjoyable activities and getting a range of activities, or modalities to gain benefits across the board for the best health outcomes.

We are all unique. This is why a structured physical activity routine using varied exercise modalities is so important to be created with your goals and preferences in mind.

Every health condition is different

Your exercise needs will vary dependent on your metabolic, cardio, respiratory system; musculoskeletal aches or injuries; your exercise history, hobbies and lifestyle. Two people with the same disease may require a different approach when it comes to exercise, based on their choices. This is when talking to a professional in the health industry comes in handy.

Check out different blogs through this site for specific information on different health conditions, if you’d like something written about a particular condition – send in a request!

Cardiovascular Exercise

Exercise that uses large muscle in a rhythmic motion, typically walking, swimming or jogging. But this can also include running, rowing, skiing, boxing or dance. The focus is increasing your heart rate, thankfully with technology heart rate monitors on sports watches are common and fairly accessible to most people.

Resistance Exercise

utilising external (weights, machines etc.) or body weight, such as push ups or squats. With the aim of increasing muscle strength for endurance, power or strength. The most important modality to use for injury prevention, rehabilitation and to reduce falls risk in the older population.

Including many benefits for both females and males.

Lifting weights
Mobility/ Flexibility

Long and strong muscles are ideal for muscle health and function. Yoga and its varieties top my list when it comes to improving flexibility. Great for injury management, prevention and general well-being.

An highly underrated from of exercise, in my opinion which most if not everyone would benefit from at least once per week.


Water-based exercise has a great deal of benefits. Typically those who find standing for long periods of time, or in chronic pain will benefit. Getting back to land based exercise is always a goal and if you’re coming back from a sports injury, using the water as a resistance can be a great place to start.

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