This is a very individual-based question.
Personally, if I’m getting up and going for a 5 km jog/run – I won’t eat. A 5 km walk, I will. If I’m getting up to do a 90-minute resistance based session at the gym – I need to eat, or I feel weak and lethargic.

If your normal routine is up at 6 am., but you don’t eat until midday, trying to eat something just because you’re exercising may make you feel nauseous. On the other hand, if you eat within 30-minutes of awakening every morning, you may feel nauseous, weak, or light-headed if you don’t eat, and then exercise.

Your planned activities should come to mind for you as you contemplate this decision – to eat or not to eat. The duration and intensity of your planned exercise session should be considered. To ensure you are able to perform as desired during your session.

Health factors such as diabetes and low blood pressure need to be considered. If you’re uncertain still as to which is best, try something light, a small yogurt, piece of fruit, or a big glass of water.

Ultimately, listen to your body, find what is best for you. It can be a simple question:
Do I want to eat something? 
Whatever your answer is, is the answer for you.

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