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Should I eat before exercising?

This is a very individual-based question.Personally, if I’m getting up and going for a 5 km jog/run – I won’t eat. A 5 km walk, I will. If I’m getting up to do a 90-minute resistance based session at the gym – I need to eat, or I feel weak and lethargic.


What’s the best time of day to exercise?

Which is better? Unless you’re competing towards the Olympics or your sports equivalent best of the best competition, it doesn’t matter. Intrigued as to why?


How Much Exercise Is Enough?

The short answer is 30 minutes on 5 days, every week. As always it starts with the “it depends” and it does, consideration of various factors that need to be discussed. This is why general advice can only ever be found on a blog. It’s time to review what your current physical activity is on an average week and consider your goals. If you … Read More How Much Exercise Is Enough?